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   Charley Brown: How do you know if you can trust someone?
   Snoopy: If it barks or purrs it's 100% good and reliable.

Life Magazine...Trust

     by Donna Seebo

A friend sent me this adorable cartoon of Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I thought its wisdom priceless. How often is trust an issue in our lives? It is one of the great lessons the Universe of Life often puts into our paths of experience. The challenges of trust are not to be taken lightly.

As I reflected on this delightful cartoon, I felt Charles Schultz was giving a chunk of wisdom, not just with Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s communication, 

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Paradise for Rock Lovers: The
Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

     by Cecilia Ray

Take a photo walk through a few of the booths at the 2023 show. Words could not express the beauty and uniqueness of the minerals on display. 

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IN THIS ISSUE      Feb. 22, 2023

INSPIRATION:    Life Magazine...Trust by Donna Seebo
SPIRITUAL:          An Evolutionary Balance by Arlene Arnold
                                From the Toolbox: Manifesting by Cecilia Ray
METAPHYSICS:  A Pisces Plant    by Darcy MacPherson
                                Astrological Influences During Pisces
                                     by Allysa Taylor
                                Beyond the Booklet, Reading Tarot Intuitively
                                     by Bee La Rosa

WELLNESS:         What? I Can Change my Brain! by Cecilia Ray  
                                Word Search - Aromatherapy Terms                       

OMMUNITY:    Paradise for Rock Lovers: The Tucson Gem &
                                    Mineral Show
 by Cecilia Ray

LIFESTYLE:          Growing Wiser by Rosey Cat
                               February Meta-IQ Challenge
CRYSTALS & ROCKS:  Rock of the Month - Aquamarine
by Joanie Vogel
PLACES:               Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs 

                                    by Susan Homestead
REVIEWS:             The Vortex, written by Ester and Jerry Hicks
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Beyond the Booklet:
    Reading Tarot Intuitively

     by Bee La Rosa

You heard about tarot and wanted to learn more, so you picked up a deck or two. You've downloaded apps and eBooks and have memorized all the meanings of the cards by heart. You feel pretty confident about drawing a card or three and knowing the general gist of the message. Still, something feels a little off about your readings. You wonder how the tarot readers you see on YouTube are able to convey such rich, detailed messages and advice from just the basic definitions of the cards, while you feel like your readings are AI-generated. The secret is that professional tarot readers usually aren't relying on the card definitions to construct their readings - instead they read intuitively.

As a beginner, it's totally normal and perfectly fine to rely on the deck booklets and tarot apps to remind 


What? I Can Change My Brain!

     by Cecilia Ray

Recent research tells us that not only do we continue to grow new brain cells, but we can also reprogram areas of our brain to serve new functions. Our brain has plasticity. Joe Dispenza D.C., author of Evolve Your Brain, puts it this way, “We are only beginning to understand the brain’s ability to change both functionally and structurally.” Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? Maybe yes, depends on what you change.

From what I understand, our brains are much like a topographical map with different areas devoted to a lifetime of knowledge and skills learned from our environment through our senses. The more we study or focus on a certain subject or situation, the larger that area becomes on the map, and the less space other less active areas occupy.


Astrological Influences
           During Pisces

     by Allysa Taylor

       New moon in Pisces and full moon in Virgo
This new moon in Pisces landed on the 19th of February. Pisces is a mystical, altruistic, creative sign. Pisces can also lead to escapism, addictive behaviors, and can create deception within the mental body. This new moon is conjunct Saturn, which can make our emotional world more serious. There can be feelings of restrictions within the home or intimate partnerships. It could feel difficult to open up and express how you truly feel to someone. There may be ego battles playing out between you and another. Going inward, meditating, getting to a zero point within your energy field can help you make a more pure decision on how to approach the ego battle.

crystals and rocks

Rock of the Month -

     by Joanie Vogel

Let me tell you about Aquamarine.
     The Relaxer Stone
     5th Chakra (Throat)
     Pale Blue Color Ray
     Affirmation: I AM YES I CAN.

Aquamarine is a subtle, fluid, and emotionally stable healing stone. This semi-precious stone is in the beryl family. It is a hard stone ranging 7.5 - 8 on the MOHs scale of hardness (out of 10). “Aquamarine’s name derived from the Latin aqua (water) and marine (of the sea). Many aquamarines are blue-green.”*1 


February Meta-IQ Challenge

How much do you know about energy healing, divination, quantum physics, ancient civilizations and cultures, leaders and authors of spiritual and holistic books, and all things metaphysical? Test your knowledge by taking our monthly quizzes. 

We have ten multiple-choice questions in the Lifestyle section. See if you are a newbie or a master by testing your knowledge.

Wordsearch #2 - Aromatherapy Terms 
Located on the Wellness page.


An Evolutionary Balance

      by Arlene Arnold

Since the time I finished my training and began my transformational work, I knew that balance was key to a fulfilled and meaningful life. I found balance in complementary colors (across from each other on the color wheel), in Feminine Receptive and Masculine Active Energy, and now in all of this, plus living from both the Inside World and the Outside World.

Why is this so important?
     When we are stuck in life, our energy is stuck!
          Balance brings back our natural flow.
   When we operate primarily from either the
         masculine energy or the feminine energy, we are
         accessing only part of who we are. All our
         attributes are not available to us. 


A Pisces Plant -
   Lauren Grape Poppy

     by Darcy MacPherson

The Lauren Grape Poppy is one of the plants connected to Pieces. Darcy gives more details about Pisces Plant in the metaphysical section.


Painted with Love

What joy brushed your heart,
Turning paint to timeless art,
With colors of love?

Many of the paintings of Claude Monet during the late 1800s are of his family. This one is titled "Madame Monet and Child"
Poem: Contest winner on Fanstory
Image: from Bing Stock Photos


World According to Rosey:
      Growing Wiser

As I become a more mature cat, I am letting go of some of my kitten habits and beliefs about how things are. I know I can’t play with the cat in the mirror. Windows are like TV screens, I can see things, but I can’t catch them, and that dot I have been chasing around on the floor is not real.

But even at my age, almost two in human years (about twenty in cat years from what I have been told), there are times that I still slip back into my kitten self. The big one for me to learn was trust. 

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Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs 

     by Susan Homestead

Communication is a vital part of any society and has taken many forms throughout history. In the Southwestern United States, ancient people often communicated and recorded their lives in the form of pictographs or petroglyphs. While both are a form of communication and often tell a story, there is a distinct difference between the two. Pictographs are images and designs made by using natural materials to paint on rocks. This process makes pictographs quite fragile and vulnerable to the forces of nature. If left unprotected, they do not survive the passing of time. On the other hand, petroglyphs are images created by carving, engraving, or scratching through the dark surface, often termed desert varnish, of a rock. Most of the ancient rock art we find today is in the form of petroglyphs.

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The Vortex:  Where the Law of
      Attraction Assembles All
     Cooperative Relationships
       by Jerry and Esther Hicks 

The Teachings of Abraham. Hay House, Inc. 2009

The Vortex by Ester and Jerry Hicks is one of the Law of Attraction series. It is written as a succession of questions asked by Jerry and answered by Abraham though the channel, Esther. These teachings focus on relationships of all kinds and the false premises we have accepted into our lives that keep us caught in a pattern of creating problems. 

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  Manifesting Is Like Building
  and Flying a Paper Airplane

     by Cecilia Ray

See how these two skills involve the same process. 


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Spring is knocking at the door.

Buds are pushing their way into the Northwest yards and landscapes. Soon we will be showered in colors and the scent of spring.

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