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     FEBRUARY 22, 2023

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Astrology Influences
                  in Pisces

          New moon in Pisces and full moon in Leo
This new moon in Pisces landed on the 19th of February. Pisces is a mystical, altruistic, creative sign. Pisces can also lead to escapism, addictive behaviors, and can create deception within the mental body. This new moon is conjunct Saturn, which can make our emotional world more serious. There can be feelings of restrictions within the home or intimate partnerships. It could feel difficult to open up and express how you truly feel to someone. There may be ego battles playing out between you and another. Going inward, meditating, getting to a zero point within your energy field can help you make a more pure decision on how to approach the ego battle.

Also, with the moon and sun conjunct Saturn there could be governmental restrictions being discussed or trying to be put on us as a collective. Saturn will be moving into Pisces in the beginning of March, changing the theme for the next few years. Pluto will also be changing signs at the end of March which will bring up themes around freedom, groups, science, futuristic ideas and the shadows of those topics.

This new moon is a great time to connect spiritually, to get into a space of acceptance and forgiveness for everything that has happened within the past astrological year.

During this time Mercury (our thought process) will be in Aquarius and square to Uranus the ruler of Aquarius. This can indicate fast thoughts, electrifying downloads of information. Being still, going inward, being ready to receive will assist in catching these ideas being sent down by Uranus at lightning speed. You could receive information you’ve been waiting for; you could receive futuristic ideas to better your life in some way.

With Jupiter in Aries, we are creating new pathways for ourselves. With this new moon we can receive more ideas, creative endeavors, new ways of being. This Aries energy also helps us stand strong within ourselves and helps with more courageous moves we may be having to make at this time. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a comfortable time or a familiar time. It’s very new, uncomfortable, but worth the effort, faith and movement forward.

On March 7th we will be experiencing the full moon in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is an analytical, critical, I need the facts kind of sign. It’s a good time to let go of judgement towards something that is taking up space within your mind that no longer needs to be thought about. It’s also a great time to clean, organize, and donate things you no longer use and that are just taking up space. At this point in time we’ve got Saturn and Pluto at the 29th degree which is a critical point. Challenges are coming up and again, faith and structure are needed.

With the moon square to Mars and Mars square to the sun, we’ve got a lot of energy built up. Put that energy into something that drives your passion. This energy can easily be manifested into annoyance, anger and disputes. Try to avoid the chaos by focusing on yourself and continuing to focus on your goals, to make your life easier and more manageable. During this month too, I would suggest focusing on your health goals, for your body and your mind. Setting intention, praying, cultivating a healthy routine will help put your mind at ease. Feeling at ease and feeling good within your body is a major win during this time.

Remember to practice love and kindness towards yourself and others. I hope you all have a great month!

     JANUARY 22, 2023


Astrology Influences
                  in Aquarius

This new moon in Aquarius occurred on January 21st at 1 degree Aquarius conjunct Pluto, trine Mars, sextile Jupiter and Neptune! Moon in Aquarius is an opportune time for collaboration, thinking about your future and liberating yourself from outdated circumstances. It’s more of a detached energy, which can be utilized to see more emotional situations from a different vantage point.

                            Continued in next column.


Moon conjunct Pluto can bring out intensities within people. The energy can draw up past patterns, past traumas, past fears. This can be addressed through emotional detachment in a healthy way. Stepping back in the moment and seeing the situation for how it is, right now. A lot of us tend to twist and manipulate situations in our minds in order to fit within our “story”. Try to see these recurring situations from a blank slate, like you are experiencing it all for the first time, and really fell into your body’s sensations. Does it feel painful? Blissful? Fun? Discouraging? And then ask yourself why does it feel this way? By asking yourself questions you can begin to get down to the root of the trauma and change your life in big ways.

The trine to Mars motivates us through these challenges, giving us quick wit and persistence. Sextile to Jupiter and Neptune can bring in small gifts of steadiness and compassion for others.

Mars will be quincunx Mercury during this new moon which can feel like a nagging sensation. You may feel like you need to be doing more than what you are. Please don’t let this energy discourage you.

Venus will be in a tight conjunction with Saturn and square Uranus. This is a test in our relationships and financial vulnerabilities. It’s easier for people to be cold and emotionally detached with Venus and the moon in the sign of Aquarius. It’s easier to see the negative traits within our partners and slightly harder to see the good. Journaling can be put into great use during this time and writing gratitude sticky notes all around your house can keep you in a better mood.

If there has been turmoil and pent-up frustration within your partnership it’s time to talk about it. People who are feeling neglected or stressed within their relationships may feel tempted to liberate themselves by going out and making new acquaintances. But the real satisfaction is to face your issues and make an effort to liberate yourself in a moral way.

On February 5th we have a Leo full moon.
All planets are direct! Around this time the sun will be conjunct Saturn, this is a culmination period from the previous year of all your efforts, discipline and responsibilities you’ve taken on. It shall be a rewarding time for the ones who have stuck by their values and exercised relentless effort towards their goals. However, challenges will present themselves. Don’t give up! Proceed towards your dreams, one foot in front of the other. Baby steps is all it takes. With the moon opposite Saturn, this can bring up sadness, depressive thoughts and feelings. It can do a number on our self-worth and image. We may feel more needy for attention or like we’re not being appreciated as much as we think we should be. Another good opportunity to take out the good ol’ journal and write down what you appreciate about yourself. Take yourself out for a date, treat yourself to a new experience.

Venus and Mars will be in an exact square on this day, leading to sexual frustration. This can feel like over-romanticizing someone or something and being deeply disappointed by the reality of it all. Exercising, dancing, doing art, writing music or writing poetry are some fantastic ways to channel the aggression you may feel during this transit.

Uranus is squaring off with the sun and trine Mercury as Mercury is conjunct Pluto. This may cause a deep psychological and physical change in your immediate environment. This can feel like chaos brewing under the surface if you haven’t yet addressed the underlying tension within your life. Becoming painfully honest with yourself about all elements of life is drastically needed right now to feel strong within the world. Becoming more flexible and open minded, looking for more possibilities around you, dismantling suppressed ideas and feelings, this can lead to resolution and a clearer path forward. Above all, the ability to choose love in our everyday interactions, even when it’s challenging is key!

 I’m wishing you all an expansive journey forward in the month ahead! You got this!   

     DECEMBER 22, 2022


Astrology Influences
                  in Capricorn

     The new moon in Capricorn will be on December 23, 2022.
Capricorn is a cardinal sign; cardinal signs start every new season. Happy solstice! Cardinal energy, heavy in this month’s chart, takes charge, leads, and starts new trends. Capricorn is a solemn sign, it's a builder, a worker, it wants to achieve. The moon represents your inner pool of emotions, your ancestral patterns, your body, the hidden parts of your life, and your everyday ebb and flow. Moon in the sign of Capricorn can revitalize the relationship you have with goals, authority, time and consistency. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in the eccentric sign of Aquarius squaring off with Uranus, "the awakener"! This indicates that we are still working through challenges regarding change, new vs. old mindset, and outdated traditions. Being patient, flexible, and open-minded are your best assets at this time.

                            Continued in next column.

Going into this lunar cycle we are still in the midst of Mars retrograde. Mars retrograde can feel like your foot is on both the accelerator and the break at the same time. Luckily, this new moon isn't making any aspects with Mars and all the battles and butting of heads type of energy that was amplified during the full moon in Gemini is subsiding, however we aren't completely in the clear.

 The moon is making a square to Neptune and Jupiter. There could be a chance you are not seeing things clearly. Avoiding making any agreements with newly developed plans may be your best bet, at least for right now. Also, stay away from making judgements that lead to arguments caused by something seen incorrectly or misunderstood at the moment. We also have to remember we are in Mercury’s retrograde shadow period, meaning whatever plans we think we are solidifying may be altered. The shadow period is from December 12-28th and the retrograde begins on December 29th. From December 29-January 18, 2023, is a great time to read over things thoroughly, read the fine print, slow down, meditate before making important decisions, take your time, anticipate delays in mail, communication, and technology.

 Jupiter is back in Aries! We have courage, will power and stamina! We could be getting major insights, intuitive hits, and opportunities could be coming your way. Aries likes to move fast, where as Capricorn urges us to make a plan, set the foundations and then build. You may want to rush or expand quickly, but this is not advised. Preparing, gathering, putting in time and effort before flying ahead is better. Easier said than done, right? There will be great rewards in being patient and waiting. Mars begins to tread forward January 12, 2023, and we can finally start moving forward with projects, new ventures and assert ourselves without feeling misunderstood. Things we may have started back in August could finally reach fruition in February/March.

Mercury, the planet of communication, thought, processing, analyzation, messages, and discernment, and Venus, the planet of love, values, beauty, relationships, money, will be in conjunction (sitting side by side) with Pluto, the planet of the underworld, power, control, obsession, and transformation. This energy can create obsessive behavior revolving around relationships, group associations, work, and business. It can create a looping effect in the mind. Writing your thoughts down, and staying out of power play dynamics, staying truthful and practicing integrity will get you further than by lying or using manipulative tactics.

Pluto conjunct Mercury with Mercury sextile Neptune can be a very focused energy. It'll be easier to slip into one stream of thought at a time and focus on creative endeavors. This energy can also be utilized to learn something metaphysical, work on subconscious programming, and dive into shadow work. Jupiter in Aries supports internal growth.

On January 6, 2023, we have a full moon in Cancer. The Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde at 18 degrees. Think back to what was going on around December 20th. Whatever that was, could be coming up again to be reviewed, rethought, and reworked. Mars retrograde trine Venus is a nice energy for engaging in partnerships. It balances desire and love. There may have been some exciting news that came out around December 17th and now, during this full moon, more may come out from this story, headline, or message. Full moons heighten our subconscious mind, there could be things related to the past, family, lineage, mother, that boil over into our conscience awareness. Full moons bring creations to fruition.

Whatever you have been creating since June will come to light around this full moon! We may get huge insights we've been waiting for but, they may bring up some past wounds. Overall, we may feel more connected to our soul’s purpose. Something ironic may happen involving past traumas. For example, you could see the interweaving of certain setbacks and realize that, if it weren't for those roadblocks, emotional breakdowns, emotional discomfort, you wouldn't be on the path that is leading you home to true and ultimate comfort.

Overall, Capricorn season will be a bit intense and a little gloomy at times. Take notice of your energy level. Mars in the sign of Gemini and in retrograde can cause major burn out. Rest and rejuvenate your mental landscape. Take care of your adrenals and set time for yourself to relax. Make it a habit. Habits are ruled by the moon, so this is a perfect opportunity to make that intention. Happy Capricorn season!


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