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     FEBRUARY 22, 2023


An Evolutionary Balance

Since the time I finished my training and began my transformational work, I knew that balance was key to a fulfilled and meaningful life. I found balance in complementary colors (across from each other on the color wheel), in Feminine Receptive and Masculine Active Energy, and now in all of this, plus living from both the Inside World and the Outside World.

Why is this so important?
      ● When we are stuck in life, our energy is stuck!
         Balance brings back our natural flow.
      ● When we operate primarily from either the
          masculine energy or the feminine energy, we are
          accessing only part of who we are. All our
          attributes are not available to us.
      ● When we are conscious of only the Inside World
          or only the Outside World, our view of life is
          attached to a limited point of view.

You and I have a choice.

Are you ready to move from a limited way of living to making an evolutionary leap into balance in all aspects of life?

 As I write this, I am heading out the door to be married. My promise to myself and to my betrothed is to live in balance in all areas of my life to the best of my ability. I am blessed by all we have attracted into this new life already and look forward to all we will attract that is ahead of us, through this balanced energy.

As you make this evolutionary leap, you too will attract so much more than you can imagine. The Universe is waiting for us to choose a wider view and an energy flow that allows us to receive in abundance. With this flow and intention, we become influencers in a world that has lots of possibilities, but also lives in stagnation in many areas.

Your contribution counts! Never minimize what one person or two or more together can bring to the table. And let’s always call on those who stand by ready to help us, whether they are in form or not.

May this be a time of balance for you and may you attract all that the Universe is waiting to bless you with!

     JAUARY 22, 2023


Love is the
        Ultimate Journey of Life

          by Arlene Arnold

My yoga instructor often said to lift the heart center for certain yoga poses. That means to lift from the chest. We know that the physical heart is in the chest area, but this article is about that metaphysical heart.

                     Continued in the next column.

When you focus deep within this metaphysical heart, you touch into your soul; so, the heart center is also a place that reaches the deepest part of you. This is the place where you can give and receive the essence of Love.

Valentine’s Day, this month, often focuses on loving relationships. You take time to let others know how much you appreciate them. But, what about the relationship you have with yourself? Is there a giving and receiving of love from that soul center?

When your cup is filled to overflowing with self-love in the metaphysical heart, it spills out all around you. That flow naturally moves to others, to trees and animals, to your inner guidance, to whatever touches you deeply. You are then part of the never-ending flow of love that comes from the Source.

That self-love might be called self-appreciation. It comes in many forms including self-care, accepting your unique attributes that make up your life purpose, treating yourself with the same respect you show to others, accepting the times you trip-up as ways to grow (without judgment), and staying present in life through difficult situations and exhilarating times.

This Valentine's Day let’s explore our love that flows to and from our Inside World and the Outside World. Let’s bring these worlds into a seamless flow of love. Afterall, that’s who we are! It’s what we came into this world to offer. It is the ultimate journey of life.

     DECEMBER 22, 2022


Selecting Gifts from the Heart

Gift giving can be an adventure or trial depending on how you go about it. Here are some things I have learned that allow me to pick the gift that fits the person.

Think Ahead
 - Jot down a calendar reminder to set aside time to think about gift giving.

Who will you give it to?
 - How much can you afford to spend? When do you want the gift to be wrapped and ready? What is each person like? What are their preferences? Don’t buy a gift just because you would like it! Think about what they would treasure.

What do they do for fun?
Is there a sport or a hobby they enjoy?

What do they need for their work or school?

What gift would let them know that you recognize who they are?
 - Do they have a favorite color? Color is important. Notice what colors this person wears and what color they have in their home. If the gift only comes in black or brown (for example, a satchel) choose the color they would like for the wrapping paper.

Gift Cards:
If you decide to use a gift card, buy some small item this person will enjoy. Wrap it carefully. Include a special note. That way the gift is still personal and they know you are offering a bit of yourself.

It takes conscious planning and being present in the frequency of Love to access what you know on the inside. The person who receives the gift senses where your focus is. When you come from Deep Love, their heart opens, and they know you are speaking your inner truth from your authentic self.

This is how you can select gifts from your heart that bless both you and the person receiving the gift. And, by the way, you are also changing what happens in the collective mindset. 

     NOVEMBER 22, 2022


A Little Known, Simple Way
    to Treat Winter Depression

Get rid of seasonal depression right now,
                                wherever you are.

Many people are affected by the changes in seasons. Some are especially affected by lack of sunshine which can bring on winter depression.

Light Therapy is one of the treatments for winter depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In this article I will show you a way to treat yourself to the light you need without using a lamp.

In order to understand how you can deal with S.A.D. without a lamp, we need to look at why this method works. Studies have been done that indicate that when an athlete imagines the routine, he/she is going to perform, the body reacts in the same way it would if the athlete were actually going through the routine. In other words, the body reacts to what the athlete is picturing. Visualization is a powerful tool to make changes in your thoughts and in your reality.

When you crave sunlight or when you feel down because there have been too many dark days, here’s a simple way to change what your body experiences and what you feel. This will also help those who would consider using Light Therapy to treat S.A.D.

     1. Imagine the brightest, sunniest day you have ever experienced.
     2. Notice the sun’s brightness. Feel its warmth.
     3. Imagine taking that sun into your solar plexus (the area just below the rib cage and above the waist).
         Adjust the brightness through your imagination so it is just right for you.
     4. Ask this bright sun to feed your body with the light and warmth it needs.
     5. Notice how your body responds. Sometimes you will experience tears of relief and other times you may
         feel yourself expand like a great sun of your own.
     6. Now, feel gratitude for the sun and for this hologram of the sun that gives you what you need to stay healthy.

You have a great ability to affect your daily experience by the thoughts you think and the pictures you create in your mind’s eye.

Try this to turn your winter depression into an uplifting sunny day!


Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator. She is the founder of Complementary Color Therapy and Inner Reality Therapy. She offers easy, effective tools to help release what keeps you stuck in old patterns. Then you can move forward as the brilliant light of your inner truth.