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     JANUARY 22, 2023

Creativity Grows during

During Covid, while buildings were closing and people were forced to stay at home, a creative spark was ignited in many people. Parents staying home to care for and home-school children, seniors who retired early, and want-to-be entrepreneurs began making products, creating online businesses, writing books, and doing things they had not been able to do while employed by others. New businesses sprung to life in a variety of forms. In a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published in June of 2021, economist John Halliwanger said that the biggest recorded jump in new business applications was in 2020. This is supported by Brett Grossfeld’s quote from the Census Bureau, “…more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. during 2020 – the highest total on record”. Grossfeld’s survey attributes the surge in new businesses to six factors - creativity being number one. Also included were the ability to start with a small amount of cash, to start the business on the internet first, and to sell direct to consumers. This trend, whether motivated by wage cuts, layoffs, free time, or a chance to explore creative talents, added another half million new businesses in January of 2021. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, using business classification information, reported the top five types of new businesses. Number one was ‘retail e-commerce’ including handmade products and educational courses being sold over the internet. Second was ‘professional services’ including writing and editing. This wave of new entrepreneurs is evident in in the metaphysical community as well.


Shelley Levin of Spirited Creations

Recently, I met two of these creative vendors bringing their product lines to the fairs. One was Shelley Levin of Spirited Creations who told me how she began working with felt during Covid and created a line of felted hearts, cute figurines and decorative pieces. Her first fair was the 2021 Halloween Alchemy Fair in Everett. The other, Robyn Porter, a crafter stepped into the world of fairs with her Fyrerbyrd Designs. Drawing from her Native heritage and meditative practices, she created a line of jewelry and decorative pieces using stones, shells, beach glass, woods and metals.


Robyn Porter with Fyrebyrd Designs

Another entrepreneur that caught my eye was the creator of HAVA Cats. Rebecca Montague of Sand Dollar Style started selling her line of products online and at fairs a year and a half ago. She created a line of beach décor and unique cat vases containing air plants and other types of house plants. The vases have cute cat faces painted by her sister. Her HAVA Cats are fashioned after the Jetty Cats of West Port, Washington. These cats, abandoned at the docks of West Port, are cared for by HAVA-heart.org, a non-profit animal rescue organization. The cats help to control the rodent population around the docks. Rebecca said that a percentage of the profits from the sales of her HAVA Cats goes to help support the Jetty Cats of West Port.


Rebecca Montague with her HAVA Cats

Through the pandemic brought pain and loss to many, it also brought forth a wave of new entrepreneurs. Our community has benefited from these artists and crafters who used their talent and determination during a challenging time to form new businesses and bring forth new creative ideas. Even this magazine, A Lighter View, was the result of two years of study and planning that began during the pandemic.  

Out and About

     by Cecilia Ray                                December 22, 2022

As winter moves into and the snow graces our landscapes, it creates a wonderful time of year. I personally, love to wander through the psychic and holistic fairs where artists, practitioners and psychics are interacting with those who attend the events.


Booth of Jennifer Walch

                         Continued in next column.

                          MeWe Fair and Gem Show
One of the places I visited recently was the beautiful ballroom at the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood where the MeWe Fair and Gem Show was being held. I was met at the door by Laureli Shimayo, the coordinator. We only had a minute to talk before a stream of people came in the door.

After wandering for a while, I came upon a booth tucked towards the back that elegantly displayed the wares of Intentions. Jennifer Walch, the owner, had adorned her goddess figures with beautiful stone jewelry. I was surprised to learn that this was her first show.


Tami, the Crystal Clairvoyant

Holding a prime location in the event was a table covered with stones. Tami, the Crystal Clairvoyant, proudly displayed boxes full of stone specimens. We talked about crystals and her business for a moment.

As I moved up and down the rows, I admired the many well-decorated tables, the variety of metaphysical tools, and holiday gift items. I took time to say hello, but many were too busy to talk. Maybe I will catch them another time.

The Metaphysical Market


Hailey Kelm, Metaphysical Market Coordinator

The next weekend I was off to the Metaphysical Market Yule Celebration in Smokey Pont. I was greeted by Hailey as I entered. Her beautifully arranged tables were loaded with crystal balls, obelisks, skulls and more.


Trista K'Wiatkoski

After saying 'hi' to friends, I wandered over to the booth of Grounded, a coffee and tea company with a variety of products that would make nice holiday gifts. Trista was buy explaining her products to attendees.


Angie Rose

I always admire the vendors who create their own products. That's why Angie's Curiosities caught my eye. Angela Rose had a display of her handcrafted pendulums and other metaphysical items. We chatted for a bit before it was time to leave for another event being held in Mount Vernon.

                      Mystical Wares Psychic Fair
The second event that called me that day was the Mystical Wares Psychic Fair in Mount Vernon. On the way to the classroom where the vendors booths were, I got lost in Derik's displays of crystals and large stones like his huge rose quartz sphere.


Michelle Mahler

Pulling my attention away from the stones, I made my way to the classroom area where the fair was held. I found Michelle Mahler and her booth of essential oils and sprays. I have known Michelle for many years and watched her business grow. We chatted for a while about her latest products. I couldn't resist one of her holidays sprays called 'Spruce Tree Spice'. After a tour of the other booths, I called it a day.

                            Northwest Psychic Fair
Each month I enjoy spending time at the Northwest Psychic Fair run by Lori Aletha. After Lori and I chatted, I went to talk to Sunday Hamilton at her booth downstairs in the Grange. She presented me with her article about her personal vision quest. Her story is included in this issue on the Spiritual page. It is an amazing story.


Todd Rohlsson

One vendor I always say 'hi' to is Todd. His business has grown so much snce I first met his. He had a display of his energy disks and information on each one at his table. One can't help but be drawn to their intricate designs and strong colors.

There were many other interesting booths to write about, but I am saving them for another day. I hope you will check the dates for upcoming events listed on our Resource page. Personally, meeting the many vendors and practitioners found at these events an be both fun and enlightening.

                         Continued in next column.


     by Cecilia Ray                                 November 22, 2022


                      “Witches Roam Vision Quest”

Even before the Day of the Dead, there were frightening spirits beginning to roam the streets and gathering places. While attending the psychic fair at Vision Quest in Everett, I caught some of these creatures on camera. I noticed three witches stocking the place. It looked like a scene out of 'Hocus Pocus.' Three wonderful ladies, Terri, Susan and Terian, had transformed themselves into scary witches. Fortunately, there were more giggles and laughs than screeches and screams. I didn’t see any terrified little ones, which was some consolation.


Lexi at Vision Quest

As I wandered from room to room, I encounter a more angelic-looking creature. Still partially wrapped in strips of mummy cloth, she glowed in her white gown as she monitored the event. I was told this beautiful being, Lexi, is one of the protectors of Vision Quest. Knowing she was there soothed my fears a little.

All sorts of spirits were floating around, talking to the wise ones at little tables, and giving hugs to long lost souls who showed up. Becky, the owner, and Jeff floated around keeping everything under control. With my pictures to document the event, I bid farewell to my Gypsy friend, Margarett Mae and left while it was still light.


Sierra and her helpers

                               “A Touch of Alchemy”
The next day, I decided to check out what was happening at the Alchemy Fair in Everett. I found the place was invaded with all kinds of creatures and magical beings. Many were selling their wares to those in attendance. Stationed at a booth at the entrance was Sierra, the magician who made the event happen, and her crew. Her Wit’s End booth swirled with beings like a hive full of bees.

In the rooms were long rows of booths selling such a variety of wares, I didn’t know where to start. The rooms were full of creative items, beautiful stones, jewelry, books, decks, ceremonial tools and more. Some beings were seeking answers from the wise ones there as well. I took a few minutes to draw in the energy which was almost overwhelming. It was stronger than a double expresso.


Trina Sellers

Once I began to regain my focus, I started to move among the spirits, witches, and other unworldly creatures. A few I knew, like Trina with her beautiful art prints. Wandering the aisles, I talked to other beings and admired the treasures that adorned their tables. I could see many creative souls were drawn to this even like J.P. Barnett with his line of magical tales and Jasmine with her twisted wire-wrapped jewelry. I would have loved to hear each tale that guided these beings to gather that day, but I still live in the world of time.


Jasmine with her wire-wrapped Jewelry


Author, J. P. Barnett

Now, with more holidays coming, the witches, goblins and other creatures will transform into more angelic beings and earth spirits. Soon, they will appear again, displaying their talents and wares. As the cycles change, the Scorpio passions gives way to the new energies of Sagittarius, and with it, Halloween fades into a memory