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Rock of the Month - Citrine

     by Joanie Vogel


The Stone of Cheerfulness
Solar Plexus Chakra - 3rd Chakra
Yellow and Golden Color Ray
Affirmation: I AM LIGHT

The innate cheerfulness of Citrine Quartz radiates the vibration of hope and faith. It is the “light at the end of the tunnel” energy vibration. “Better days ahead.” “Sunny side of the street.” See where you want to go!

It can help to ease depression and the hopelessness that goes along with depression. The sun energy radiates effortlessly through this yellow/golden ray color. It is very uplifting and useful when actively moving your feelings towards enthusiasm. When you feel enthusiastic, it is easier to be successful. By the way, in case you were wondering, enthusiasm and joy are a similar vibe.

Citrine and kyanite are two stones that are considered naturally self-clearing. This is accomplished by the rocks, citrine and kyanite, absorbing the negative energies that are in their environment (field) and transmuting (changing) those said absorbed negative energies into neutral energies. Thus, becoming clear and clean energy vibrations as if the stones had been cleansed over a bed of sea salt overnight. As a rule, clearing your rocks, stones and gems is just a good self-habit to acquire.

 Citrine Quartz is naturally helpful when you are interested in eliminating toxins from the body, so it’s a good rock to carry in your pocket or your breast pocket or a medicine bag. Citrine can refresh all of your energetic layers that make up your auric field. These auric field layers include: “etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial, and causal/spiritual”. *1

Citrine can assist you in mentally creating a more positive and productive life outlook by reminding you that you are worthy of a life filled with abundance and joy. Optimism, intelligence, inspired information and enlightenment are some exciting yellow/golden ray qualities of this quartz called citrine.

Citrine is a rock that speaks of finding JOY, creating HAPPINESS, understanding that You create YOUR reality. Through that self-creation, you discover that your attitude in life is a choice, as in: YOUR ATTITUDE IS YOUR CHOICE. Remember this. Choose wisely.

The name citrine derived from the French word ‘citron’ which means lemon. Citrine is 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (out of 10). That means quartz is

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pretty hard, hard enough to soak in water. So, it makes a great addition to add to your water bottle. You can also use it in gem elixirs for an added boost of sunshine. Put the citrine water in a spray bottle and you have a lovely gem facial spray. Why would you want to do that? Well…the quartz soaked in water gives off the vibration of the quartz, not the actual mineral composition, similar to the theory behind flower essences. So, when you drink water or liquid that has been infused with a particular vibration, you ingest that vibrational quality. With citrine, it is hope, cheerfulness, vitality, abundance and youthfulness. All quartz are a really safe way to begin to experiment and use gem elixirs and face sprays. (Some rocks may release chemicals toxins to your body. Please look online and get a detailed list of rocks that are safe to ingest the water of and those rocks that are toxic to the human body so you can avoid them. Safety first.)

Citrine is often used as the birthstone of November. I included it now because at this time of year with the dark of winter and the time change, I felt that we could all use a little cheering up. Citrine is the perfect stone to shake off those winter blues, a true cheerleader of the “You’ve Got This!” attitude.

                Healing and Meditating with Citrine
While you can achieve this healing session sitting in a comfortable chair, I am going to detail guidelines in the laying down (prone position).

Lay down and take a few deep cleansing breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Rub your hands together to get your energies flowing. Maybe 10 times, until your palms are warm. Then, grab your citrine and rub your hands gently a few more times. Place the citrine on your solar plexus chakra, located near your navel. Take a deep breath or two. At this point you can hold your rock on your belly, or you can place your hands at your side. Think about how the golden light of citrine is filling your entire body, your mind and your emotions. Optimistic vibrant sun energy moves effortlessly in and out of every cell and in between. This creates a soothing and healthy new outlook. Keep your breathing relaxed throughout your session. When you feel you are finished, again take three cleansing breaths. Give gratitude and when you are ready, get up. After completing your healing session, wash your hands and the citrine (rock) with soap and water. Dry off.

Although cleansing is not necessary with citrine quartz, it is always a good practice to clean your rock tools after any healing session. This is done by placing the rock on top of sea salt placed in a plastic or leaded glass container (to prevent negative vibes from leaking into your environment). Leave it there for a few hours to overnight. This will assure you that your current healing stone will be ready for your next session.

If you have a lot of time to meditate, great. If not, you can set a gentle timer. I would like to remind you that a minute a day can be more effective than an hour once every blue moon.

Enjoy discovering the many delightful wonders of Citrine Quartz.

Sources ©️All rights reserved 2023, Excerpts of my forthcoming book LOVE THOSE ROCKS.
*1 foreverconscious.com


Joanie Vogel

Rev. Joanie Vogel BS is a metaphysical rock expert, artist, jeweler, metalsmith, shaman energy singer, intuitive, healer, author, speaker, and mind healing therapist.  joanievogel@yahoo.com 

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