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Rock of the Month - Aquamarine

     by Joanie Vogel


The Relaxer Stone
5th Chakra ( Throat)
Pale Blue Color Ray
Affirmation: I AM YES I CAN.
Aquamarine is a subtle, fluid, and emotionally stable healing stone. This semi precious stone is in the beryl family. It is a hard stone ranging 7.5 - 8 on the MOHs scale of hardness (out of 10).

“Aquamarine’s name derived from the Latin aqua (water) and marine (of the sea). Many aquamarines are blue-green.”*1 It’s blue color stimulates your throat (5th) chakra so it can be very helpful to communicate clearly with others.

 “Deposits of aquamarine are found in “Madagascar, the US states of Maine, Connecticut, California, Colorado and North Carolina, and in Burma, India and Zimbabwe. Today, practically all of the attractive blue aquamarines used in jewellery are the originally greenish-yellow varieties that have been heated to 400–450°C; annealing at this temperature produces stones of a beautiful stable blue colour.”*1

Call on the energy of aquamarine when you are getting in touch with your emotions. This gem has a purifying effect on the emotional body and imparts courage to speak up for yourself, in what I call “The Fine Art of Kind-Speak”, truly a breath of fresh air.

This stone’s energy will stand by you, like a protective parent or guardian, to calm your anxieties and fears. It helps you feel happy and hopeful.

Aquamarine carries a water vibe that reaches our emotions. It enables us to feel safe and protected throughout our day. The feeling that you are one with the universe… In tune with “all that is.” So, regardless of how your day is going, inside, you feel calm and relaxed. You begin to feel that you are under the umbrella of The Creator and that “all is well and good in your world." Aquamarine can assist in creating a sense of well-being for life’s fears and anxieties, in children and adults alike.

Continued in the next column.

As children, it’s really important for a child to feel and know they are safe and protected at home and within their family. When children grow up feeling safe and protected, they can be encouraged to thrive and learn to be bold. This personal boldness allows them to stretch their boundaries. This enables them to become secure when they understand that mistakes are seen as stepping stones to their future successes.

As adults, if your growing up situation was less than ideal, aquamarine and some form of ‘inner child work’ can assist you in learning how to forgive your past situations. ‘Inner child work’ can consist of replacing past traumas and negative experiences with new beneficial mental outcomes. Change your thinking, change your life.

Meditating with Aquamarine
Hold an aquamarine in your non dominant hand or both hands. Close your eyes. Open your mind. Let your thoughts flow in and out. Focus on the stone you are holding. What does it feel like? Soft? Cozy? Strong? What does it make you think of? Sand? A beach? Heat? What pictures do you see in your mind’s eye? The water’s edge where the earth meets the water? Someone understanding your exact meaning? Remember to breathe. Set a gentle timer for 5 minutes to start with. After you finish, you can write down your impressions and any sensations you experienced. That way you can begin to keep track of how you personally respond to a particular stone.

Healing Session with Aquamarine

When an aquamarine is placed on your spleen (2nd) chakra (located at the bottom of the left rib, front and back.*2) during a healing session or in meditation, many phobias may adjust and realign your psyche towards emotional well-being and contentment.

All aquamarines carry these vibrations regardless of their quality. Even a picture of a stone carries it’s vibration. So, when working with aquamarine, you can be sure that you are receiving the comforting healing vibes you are searching for. An easy way to discover the benefits of this stone for yourself is to carry an aquamarine tumbled rock in your pocket (or your bra, which I usually refer to as ‘my breast pocket’).

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone of March and associated with Pisces. Enjoy discovering the many benefits of aquamarine!

Sources ©️All rights reserved 2023, Excerpts from my forthcoming book, LOVE THOSE ROCKS. Reverend Joanie Vogel BS Metaphysical Rock Expert, Artist, Jeweler, Metalsmith, Shaman Energy Singer, Intuitive, Healer, Author, Speaker, Mind Healing Therapist, joanievogel@yahoo.com *1
A Guide in Color to Precious & Semiprecious Stones
by Jaroslav Bauer and Vladimir Bouska Published 1989 *2 The Chakras and Their Functions by Master Choa Kok Sui from the website www.pranichealers.com


Joanie Vogel

Rev. Joanie Vogel BS is a metaphysical rock expert, artist, jeweler, metalsmith, shaman energy singer, intuitive, healer, author, speaker, and mind healing therapist.

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