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     FEBRUARY 22, 2023


Charlie Brown: How do you know if you can trust someone?
Snoopy: If it barks or purrs it's 100% good and reliable.

Life Magazine...Trust

A friend sent me this adorable cartoon of Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I thought its wisdom priceless. How often is trust an issue in our lives? It is one of the great lessons the Universe of Life often puts into our paths of experience. The challenges of trust are not to be taken lightly.

As I reflected on this delightful cartoon, I felt Charles Schultz was giving a chunk of wisdom, not just with Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s communication, but also the very environment both of them are sitting in. They are sitting quietly, watching the moving waters in front of them. Charlie, the child, asking a question and of course, Snoopy giving an answer.

For a moment, just imagine you are Charlie…you have been disappointed in a friendship, or some other kind of a relationship, and have been disillusioned. Because of that disillusionment you withdraw, isolating yourself, swearing that you’ll never trust again. Yet, within you there is that still small voice that speaks to you, maybe someone like the Snoopy character who says joyfully, anything that barks or purrs you are safe with.

Can you ever trust again? Of course, you can. It begins with yourself. Yes, yourself. Do you trust yourself? That is an important question to ask. If so, then you can recognize that there are people that can be trusted, just like you can be trusted. Once you acknowledge that truth, then you can also recognize that there will always be people who, for one reason or another, cannot be trusted. Those are the cons of life.

If you asked them if they would trust themselves, their answer would be more than likely, sarcastic in response, admitting they think people are stupid because people do trust them. How are they known? By the disillusionment they create and their delight in the image they surround themselves with. At least…until they are caught in the webs of their own making.

There is no one on this planet that doesn’t go through issues of trust. With each and every challenge you have the opportunity to grow into that mature individual who, when trusting one’s self, takes the time to learn and grow into associations with people who have the values of integrity that you do. It has been said … you cannot recognize good qualities in a person, without knowing the reason you can recognize them, is because you have them within yourself. That does include anything that barks or purrs.

Life flows, just like the waters that Charlie Brown and Snoopy are observing. Sometimes we need to take the time to be quiet, engage in conversation with ourselves so we can gain a bigger perspective of whatever we may be challenged with in any given moment of time. We can allow ourselves to feel our disappointments, face them, and realize that we can learn from them, moving forward in our own unique way.

Charlie and Snoopy are terrific teachers, as was Charles Schultz. I think being in their cartoon classroom is a real treat and don’t forget to enjoy a giggle or two in the process of learning their wisdoms.

     JANUARY 22, 2023


Reframing a New Year

          by Donna Seebo

Here in the United States January 1st is the day of celebration for the New Year. People throughout the world celebrate New Year’s, however, it isn’t necessarily on January 1st. They do whatever the existing celebrations/traditions are in their environments of country and culture and on their own timeframe.

Out with the old and in with the new…a clean slate of new opportunities where optimism reigns supreme, or so one would like to think. What if the ‘same ‘ol, same 'ol' holds its positioning, carrying into the New Year the grudges, sadness, animosity, fears of all kinds, and old monsters that continue to haunt our thinking and actions?

What we think and the actions we demonstrate have the power to assist us in breaking shackles of what we deem as our past, enabling us to transition ourselves into what we really want to realize and recognize in the New Year.

                    Continued in next column.

Creating new traditions can sometimes bring us mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual empowerment. I would like to share with you two traditions that I, and many people I know, find very positive. I find them to be very useful and lovely to work with as I prepare to reflect on the year past and the changes I desire to see in my life, both on a personal and professional level.

Tradition #1…Burning Bowl Ceremony. The first time I experienced this was at a candlelight evening service at a local church held on New Year’s Eve. Upon entering the sanctuary, we were given a small, slender white candle, a piece of paper and a pencil. The minister as part of his program told us that we were to take a few minutes to reflect on the past year, and recognize those situations that we no longer wanted, or needed, to hang on to. A large bowl filled with sand was on a stand. We were to place our pieces of paper into the bowl with the written requests for releasing the old to make space for the new. The church was packed with people. Surprisingly, within less than 15 minutes, people had written their requests, going up to the bowl putting in their white slips of paper. Once everyone had completed the process, a prayer was said and then a candle's flame was put to the papers, and they were all burned. The final part of the ceremony for the evening was that candle that gave the flame to the papers was the same flame that started the lighting of the candles we all held. As one candle was lit, the neighbor would use that flame to light theirs, and so it was done until the entire sanctuary was brilliantly illuminated by all of the burning individual candles. All lights were turned off so we could see how each of us were holding a small flame of light, and together the entire massive room was so bright, electric lights were not needed. The release that was felt by the people in that sanctuary was amazing. The whole environment felt alive and vibrant.

Tradition #2…The List. My husband was the one who introduced me to The List and it became a tradition in our home every year on New Year’s Day. After having our special meal of black-eyed peas, (my husband was from Virginia and it was tradition to have black-eyed peas and you were always to leave one pea in your bowl for good luck), fresh bread and whatever elseI would fix, we would take 8 ½” X 11” sheets of paper and spend quiet time thinking and writing about what we wanted to see manifested in the New Year. He would make his list and I would make mine. Then we would discuss what we both wanted, adding that to the personal list we had made for ourselves. We would then put our sheet(s) of paper in separate envelopes to be opened in the next New Year to see what evolved for us, as a couple and individually.

The Burning Bowl ceremony is a wonderful tool to use for release, at any time. It is also a good tool if you write out what you desire to have manifested, then burn the paper, releasing any concern about how results will present themselves. You release into the Universe that which is of importance to you and allow that all will flow in the right way, at the right time. It is amazing how it works.

Making the list is just another expression of request. When you write out by hand what you really want to manifest in your life, there is a brain/mind/spirit connection that happens. Putting that written request into the envelope to be opened at another time allows for the expression of trust and faith that all will be well in its own time and space. You can, if you choose to do so, review your list periodically, like once a month, to keep your focus on that which is important to you.

With each of these traditions you’ll find surprising, sometimes amazing results. Clarity is the key and remember to always include asking for the highest and best expression of harmony and demonstration for that you desire.

Your mind, your emotions are powerful tools. When you utilize them for the reformatting of your life, and patternings that no longer serve you, the results can be quite amazing.

You truly are the Master of your Fate and the Captain of your Soul. When you can recognize that personal power, you and the Universe truly become one in a very special way.

Happy New Year to everyone and may you enjoy this transitional year with enthusiasm, joy, and an abundance of Love. 
            Donna Seebo     c 2023

     DECEMBER 22, 2022


A Coin's Edge

There are three sides to life…the good, the bad, and the edge…some would say the ugly. The edge typically is ridged but on some coins is smooth. Heads, tails, and the edge.

                    Continued in next column.

How many times have you flipped a coin? Heads, you win…tails, you lose?

Upon reflection, heads represent the positive self – the facial portrait of someone, something. The opposite side, the tail, represents the experiences of life. Then there is the edge, which brings the two sides together. The edge can be thin or thick, smooth or ridged. That edge to me, represents the stuff of real life, the choices we make, and the actions we demonstrate.

When I think of the thousands of people I have crossed paths with through the years, from all walks of life, even the strangers and unseen angels; they all have enriched my life, taught me lessons, gave me challenges, helped me to see what my choices could be. I have known tragedy, joy, abandonment, love, hate, jealousy, grief, happiness, curiosity, being robbed, evicted, known poverty, hunger, deep and shallow fears, faith, visions and much more. I have learned that living through all of the variables, life is so rich one should not take it for granted.

It is a rare day when I don’t have a sense of awe about this phenomenal essence that gives us life. I am in awe of Nature and all of her expressions. When I look up at the stars at night, I am aware that I am but a nano-nano particle of its expression. We humans always want to label, encapsulate everything. Sometimes, too often actually, we limit a vastness that we honestly don’t know how to describe. We do try though, and I feel it is the edge of the coin.

Holding a coin by its edge is a common habit we all do at one time or another. When you do hold the coin by its edge you are able to look at both sides without effort, choosing the side you want to examine. That represents choice to me. You hold the edge in your life, you make the choices (even when you decide not to choose, you are making a choice).

What side – action, decision – do you choose. It is up to us, the individual to make the choices. When you give that edge of choice to someone else, you no longer determine its value, or the action to be taken.

Learning to be an observer, thinking not just of the self, but how our actions, behavior affects others, the various environments we choose to be a part of, we may never see how significant each of us are, both on an individual level, as well as collectively as a group. The coin doesn’t care what metal it is made of. It doesn’t care who holds it or hoards it. It just is. The Universe represents so much. Like any form of currency, whether paper or coin, if it is not in circulation, it has no real value.

You are a living, breathing expression of an unlimited Universe. What a wonderful awareness that is to hold in your mind, heart and spirit. Greet life with imagination, joy, curiosity, and expectation… plus intention of the highest and best expression of who you are…and miracles will appear in amazing ways in your life.

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