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NOVEMBER 22, 2022

A Delightful Afternoon at Glass Quest

      by Cecilia Ray

During one of my internet searches for art studios, I came across Glass Quest, a glass blowing studio open to the public in Stanwood, Washington. My daughter and son-in-law were coming to visit, and I wanted to take them someplace interesting. This studio was perfect.

To my delight they were open on the day we were exploring. Following directions, we twisted and turned through trees and around a lake to come upon a cute, open-domed working studio set back in the trees. On display, both along the walkway and in the building, was an assortment of beautiful colorful glass balls, yard decorations, glass figurines, amazing glass pumpkins, and more. I didn’t know where to look first.

When we entered the building, Mark Ellinger, one of the glass blowers, was creating another glass pumpkin. We watched as he heated, blew, molded and maneuvered the hot orange glass into the shape of a pumpkin. His movements were rhythmic, like a ritualistic dance. Once the pumpkin shape was complete, he took more hot glass and twisted it into a stem. 

Mark graciously explained how the process worked after his project was safely in the oven where it began the slow cooling process. Watching this talented artist and viewing the finished products made for a delightful afternoon.  

Mark and his son, Marcus, are both glass blowers at Glass Quest. Mark began his glass blowing journey in 1983. He built and founded Glass Quest Studio in rural Stanwood in 1988. During his career, he has received numerous awards for his innovative uses of color and form. In 2007, Marcus joined the business bringing his own skills that included glass blowing, stained glass, metal sculpturing, drawing and computer animation. Their combined talents create art for the community and buyers across the United States.

The Glass Quest Studio located in Stanwood is a gift for the spirit. Watching Mark work his magic is inspiring and entertaining. I hope someday you will take time to experience this fabulous place.
                       Quest Glass Studio, 31808 W Lake Ketchum Rd. Stanwood, WA  

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