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Life Magazine...Trust

          by Donna Seebo


Charlie Brown: How do you know if you can trust someone?
Snoopy: If it barks or purrs it's 100% good and reliable.

A friend sent me this adorable cartoon of Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I thought its wisdom priceless. How often is trust an issue in our lives? It is one of the great lessons the Universe of Life often puts into our paths of experience. The challenges of trust are not to be taken lightly.

As I reflected on this delightful cartoon, I felt Charles Schultz was giving a chunk of wisdom, not just with Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s communication, but also the very environment both of them are sitting in. They are sitting quietly, watching the moving waters in front of them. Charlie, the child, asking a question and of course, Snoopy giving an answer.

For a moment, just imagine you are Charlie…you have been disappointed in a friendship, or some other kind of a relationship, and have been disillusioned. Because of that disillusionment you withdraw, isolating yourself, swearing that you’ll never trust again. Yet, within you there is that still small voice that speaks to you, maybe someone like the Snoopy character who says joyfully, anything that barks or purrs you are safe with.

                    Continued in next column.

Can you ever trust again? Of course, you can. It begins with yourself. Yes, yourself. Do you trust yourself? That is an important question to ask. If so, then you can recognize that there are people that can be trusted, just like you can be trusted. Once you acknowledge that truth, then you can also recognize that there will always be people who, for one reason or another, cannot be trusted. Those are the cons of life.

If you asked them if they would trust themselves, their answer would be more than likely, sarcastic in response, admitting they think people are stupid because people do trust them. How are they known? By the disillusionment they create and their delight in the image they surround themselves with. At least…until they are caught in the webs of their own making.

There is no one on this planet that doesn’t go through issues of trust. With each and every challenge you have the opportunity to grow into that mature individual who, when trusting one’s self, takes the time to learn and grow into associations with people who have the values of integrity that you do. It has been said … you cannot recognize good qualities in a person, without knowing the reason you can recognize them, is because you have them within yourself. That does include anything that barks or purrs.

Life flows, just like the waters that Charlie Brown and Snoopy are observing. Sometimes we need to take the time to be quiet, engage in conversation with ourselves so we can gain a bigger perspective of whatever we may be challenged with in any given moment of time. We can allow ourselves to feel our disappointments, face them, and realize that we can learn from them, moving forward in our own unique way.

Charlie and Snoopy are terrific teachers, as was Charles Schultz. I think being in their cartoon classroom is a real treat and don’t forget to enjoy a giggle or two in the process of learning their wisdoms.


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