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     JANUARY 22, 2023


It's All About Love

          by Krysta Gibson

A number of years ago, I was invited to debate an anti-new age Christian Minister on a noon television program. I told the person at the television station that I wouldn’t be interested in a debate since beliefs can’t be debated. I would, however, discuss my beliefs on air. She agreed to this distinction.

With the moderator sitting between us, the minister began by telling the audience that new age beliefs were sinful and anyone who followed these teachings would go to hell. People who followed his brand of Christianity, however, would be saved and get to spend eternity with Jesus.

When it was my turn to speak, I said, “I don’t see how any of what was just said could possibly be true. New Age teachings, if you want to use that label, are based on the teachings of Jesus and other saints and spiritual teachers from many different traditions. These teachings are very simple. According to the Christian Bible, Jesus said the one thing that matters is that we love one another even as he loved us. New Age beliefs are all about love. I don’t understand why the Reverend has a problem with that.”

He came back with some more fire and brimstone and when the show was over, he left as soon as he could. I stand by what I said: life is about love – love of God/dess/Universe; love of our fellow humans; love of Mother Nature; love of self – love of everything and everyone.

Sometimes people think that love is just a squishy emotional thing. Believing this places limits on who, where, and how we love. It also limits what love is. I don’t quote from the Christian Bible very often. I know that due to the damage done to many by organized Christianity, even seeing the word Bible can make your teeth itch – however, there is some good stuff in the Bible and one of St. Paul’s quotes about love is one of them. Here’s part of what he said:

     “Love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is not boastful or conceited, it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage; it does not take offence or store up grievances. Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing but finds joy in the truth. It is always ready to make allowances, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

 Doesn’t this bring love squarely into the everyday world? Doesn’t it tell us how to treat one another? Doesn’t it offer a solution to most of our problems? If only we love more, our limitations will fall away one by one. Why?

Because when we love we are patient, kind, not jealous, boastful, or conceited. We’re not rude. We don’t think only of our own advantage in situations. We aren’t offended and we don’t hang on to perceived offences from other people. We find our joy in the truth and we aren’t happy when someone else does

                    Continued in next column.

something wrong. And best of all, we make allowances for other people’s faults and foibles (just like we want them to do for us). We trust in the Universe; we always have hope, and we are always able to accept and deal with whatever comes into our lives.

Doesn’t this sound like perfect attitudes and behaviors to adopt in order to create wonderful relationships, live our life purpose, experience health and abundance? I think so. Here’s a fun project for you if you would like to experience more love in your life and in the world.

John Price, founder of The Quartus Foundation and World Peace Day, began what he called the Seven-day Love Project. For seven consecutive days, you commit to love everything and everyone as deeply and consistently as possible. Love your cereal; love the buttons on your shirt; love the water pouring on you during your shower; love your dog and cat, fish and birds; love your bicycle; love the money in your wallet and bank account; love your debt; love your boss; love your clients; love your family and all the people in your life……be as conscious of loving as you can for seven days.

As you complete the seven-day experiment, embody as many of these characteristics as you can and consider continuing this practice the rest of your life. It certainly can’t hurt and could make a huge difference in your life and in the world. The more we consciously live in the self-generated environment of love, the more we’ll see our life and the lives of those around us unfold with greater ease, joy, and magic.

     OCTOBER 25, 2022


Let's Begin

Whether we're being born, starting school, a project, or a business, our lives are full of beginnings. Some of us do well navigating beginner's energy while some folks are challenged. It can be tempting to tell ourselves everything will work out fine if I can just get past the first few days to this new job, or finish these first few chapters of my book, or get to opening day for my new business. Instead of immersing ourselves in the wonderment of beginnings, we focus so much on the outcome that we miss all the fun.

Here are some ideas on how to begin something. I like to look at it the same way I do when I’m taking a trip.

First of all, we need to be clear about what we’re trying to do and where we want to go. Although that sounds obvious, it isn’t. Sometimes we let the excitement of the journey hide the purpose and goal of our journey. When we’re clear on what it is we want to accomplish, taking the first few steps becomes easier. From there, the journey itself can become magical and enjoyable.

Then ask: What do I need to take on this journey? What do I need to know about it? Are special skills required? Do I have them or am I willing to get them? Will there be a lot of hills and valleys? What will the weather be like? Has someone walked ahead of me and left crumbs I can follow, tips that could help me?

Not long ago I visited the Grand Canyon and in a gift shop, I saw a book called Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon. I’m not sure why I was drawn to the book since the topic isn’t very cheerful. As I’m reading the book, I’m struck by how often the people who fell off ledges and fell to their deaths, frequently didn’t follow common sense rules and ignored park signs. Many of them ignored weather conditions, failed to take enough water and food, and several of them weren’t appropriately dressed to tackle the rocks and cliffs, intense heat during the summer, or snow during the winter.

                    Continued in next column.

 It reminds me of our life journeys. When beginning a project, learn as much as you can that will help you succeed and don’t be a know-it-all. Let yourself be vulnerable and have beginner’s mind. Find out how others did or didn’t succeed at similar ventures as the one you’re planning. Ask people for their input. Most people are happy to discuss their projects with you. They are flattered that another person is interested and wants their input. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to a wide variety of topics. Find one that suits you, join, and participate.

 Be willing to change your plans. Don’t be so attached to your preferred outcome that you fail to see turns in the road. Sometimes we even need to abandon a project before we start. Perhaps a person investigates what’s involved in having a baby, realizes this isn’t the right time for them, and decides to wait a year or two. Not only have they saved themselves a lot of misery, but they have also opened the door to being a better parent to their child when they do decide to have one.

Every day is a beginning and what I’ve shared here can be applied to how we begin our days. Instead of jumping out of bed, into the shower, throwing on some clothes, and running out the door, a day that is approached thoughtfully will result in greater satisfaction. I like to start my day the evening before by reviewing what I have planned for the next day, including appointments or phone calls. It only takes a few minutes to do this and gives great rewards.

 When I get up the next morning, I already know the day’s plans. I spend quiet time every morning, reading, meditating, maybe drawing or coloring and letting myself enjoy dawn when it arrives. By the time I’ve had a light breakfast and I’m dressed for the day, there’s been plenty of time to wake up and be energized for what’s on my agenda.

 If my day derails and my plans go out the window, I tell myself I can begin again any time I want. It’s my day and my life. No one else can tell me the best way to approach the changes life might throw my way. If this happens, I take a few deep breaths, walk away from my desk, go outside, take a look at what happened and make a new plan for the rest of my day. I simply begin again. Beginnings are exciting and we get to experience many of them as we move through our lives. Make your beginnings richer, happier, and more successful by giving some of these ideas a try. And remember: if things don’t go your way, you can always begin again. There’s no one stopping you but you. 


Krysta Gibson is a spiritual mentor and life guide, author, and teacher. She is proud of moving to Arizona last year and helping turn the state blue – proof of what love can do. She teaches on-demand classes at Udemy.com. You can learn about her services at krystagibson.com and her books at amazon. Check out her newsletters at https://Krystagibson.substack.com