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Ideas and Articles to Create a More Harmonious Lifestyle   -   February 22, 2023


The World According to Rosey -
    Growing Wiser


One of my safe houses

As I become a more mature cat, I am letting go of some of my kitten habits and beliefs about how things are. I know I can’t play with the cat in the mirror. Windows are like TV screens, I can see things, but I can’t catch them, and that dot I have been chasing around on the floor is not real.

But even at my age, almost two in human years (about twenty in cat years from what I have been told), there are times that I still slip back into my kitten self. The big one for me to learn was trust. It’s not natural for the feline nature to totally trust anything. To make it worse, my early months made me afraid of loud noises, abandonment and starving. Those months of trauma are buried deep in my psyche and are not easily forgotten.

When I first arrived at my human’s house, I panicked every time she left the house. “No, you can’t leave me alone,” I would say in cat talk, but she went anyway. When she came home, I would scamper to the door and tell her how scared I was. She always took a minute to listen, but she continued to leave me alone, sometimes only for a nap length, sometimes for a whole day. As I got older, I came to trust that she would come back. I even quit meeting her at the door and let her find me when she wanted to say hello.

                    Continued in next column.

Another thing I have learned to trust is that every loud noise I hear is not going to attack me. The first time I heard the overhead speakers in the house, I ran under the bed and hid for an hour. Voices could come out of the ceiling with no human attached. How could that be? At least with the TV, I could see where the noise was coming from. Now I know it is only noise. If it hasn’t attacked me yet, it probably never will. I also know now that if I can’t figure out where a noise is coming from, I can always go ask my human.

And about the starving worry, I have never been without food since the day I was turned loose in this house over a year ago. Chances are I never will starve either. Besides, I know which cupboard to open if I need to find the stash. I can trust that I will have food as long as I live here.

The point I want to make is that you don’t need to worry about what is not happening right now. Trust that you will be okay, and don’t let your past come up and smack you with its tales of worry. It can ruin your day, or maybe even your life. Trust yourself, enjoy life. For me that is throwing around my stuffed mouse and a long nap in a sunny window. That is probably not your cup of milk, but I love it. Trust me, your life will be a lot better if you learn to trust.

Rosey Cat

    February Meta-IQ Challenge


How much do you know about energy healing, divination, quantum physics, ancient civilizations and cultures, leaders and authors of spiritual and holistic books, and all things metaphysical? Test your knowledge by taking our monthly quizzes.
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1. What animal is associated with the south?
    A. Bear     B. Eagle     C. Goose     D. Coyote
2. The Ankh is found in which civilization?
    A. Egyptian   B. Chinese   C. Hindu   D. Celtic
3. What tarot card most represents a transformation?

    A. Magician   B. Death   C. Moon   D. Strength
4. A psychic hand is defined as one with which
     A. spatulated   B. tapered fingers   C. large knuckles
     D. thick thumb
5. Who wrote the book, Love is in the Earth?
    A. Hall     B. Webster     C. Melody     D. Simmons
6. A trait associated with an Aries sun sign is which?
    A. calculating  B. selfless  C. diplomatic  D. pioneering
7. Which mythologic creature is a part of Native
    American lure?
    A. thunderbird   B. hydra   C. centaur   D. incubus
8. The I Ching symbols include what group?
    A. animals   B. angels   C. elements   D. hieroglyphs
9. The ruling planet of Virgo is which?
    A. Saturn   B. Mars   C. Mercury   D.  Pluto
10. What bird is connected to magic, vision and
    A. hawk   B. flicker   C. Steller jay   D. owl
                      Answers on Contact Page