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Ideas and Articles to Create a More Harmonious Lifestyle   -   MARCH 22, 2023


Dating + Relating in Alignment
              with Soul & Spirit

     by Laureli Shimayo

Who in your life impacts you the most energetically? If you’re not in a romantic relationship it might be your friends, your kids, a few colleagues or a community. If you’re actively dating, it could be the group of people you interact with online and the few you meet in person. If you’re in a romantic relationship, likely it is a partner.

The people we’re around impact us greatly. We can feel uplifted by them or dragged down. We might feel empowered and connect more deeply with ourselves, or we might get triggered and distracted away from our essential being, our soul and our purpose. The choices we make, about who we spend our time, energy and touch with, really do matter.

So, are you choosing to be with people who align you with your soul and spirit or who pull you away?

How we show up matters a lot too. Next time you are with someone you care about:
   • Be present to yourself: notice your breathing, move your body (even if it is subtle), and feel your feelings
   • Remind yourself of the bigger perspective of why you are here: to experience something with them or explore something even greater
   • Share something you appreciate about them: who they are, how they show up, what they’ve done, etc.

You can even appreciate someone after a past interaction has been tough, such as connect to and share what you imagine their good intentions were.

Discover how you engage from this new context, whether it is your partner, a colleague or a possible date you are writing to online.

When you have a chance to create a new relationship in your life, whether it is to take a step on your career path or start dating someone new, consider the impact on you of who you’ll be connecting with.
   • Will the new person or people empower your soul expression and align you with the power of spirit…or not?
  • Will you feel more like yourself…or be tempted to become more of what you imagine they want you to be?
   • Will you relax and uncover more of your contributions and gifts…or tighten, distract and dull your light?

When engaging a new relationship, give other people a chance to show who they really are…and notice. Pay attention to subtleties:
   • How do you feel in your body (breathe and move so you’re in touch with yourself): open and alive…or closed and defensive?
   • How do they engage you and others around them – with exploration and respect…or a selfish, dishonoring agenda?
   • Do they take turns well – asking, listening, responding and revealing themselves too?

 You may also want to consider how similar and different you are to each other. Sometimes it’s great to have contrast, such as when you’re each in roles that require different talents to accomplish a large project.

                    Continued in next column.

And sometimes it’s best when you have similarities, such as when you’re both interested in metaphysics, are each pursuing your own intuitive business or share the same languages of appreciation.

Explore what causes you to experience the most synergy with others and what has you feel a sense of grounding and simultaneous expansion. Chances are you’ll then be connected to and expressing your soul purpose plus experiencing the synchrony of alignment with spirit. Enjoy relating!


 Laureli Shimayo is a people scientist, intuitive eye reader, body psychology coach, business consultant and matchmaker. She offers private sessions, teaches groups and runs MeWe Fairs® and events for energizing body, mind, heart and soul. Learn more and connect at https://www.laurelishimayo.com/.


The World According to Rosey -
    Is Light a Big Deal?

I have come to realize that humans are obsessed with light. I hear stuff like ‘go into the light’ when “Ghost Whisper” is on the TV. I see lots of books on my human’s bookshelf about light and enlightenment. According to her, one of her books even says a God being started this world by saying, “Let there be light.” And, to top it off, she named this magazine A Lighter View. What is the big deal about light?

Do you wonder why a God being wanted there to be light? Did it ask for dark first? If not, who created the dark? Wish I could remember everything I knew before I popped back to Earth again. Personally, I like the dark, but then, I have eyes that see better than humans. I heard that some humans are afraid of the dark. I wonder why?

Sometimes, between naps, I listen to the TV screen when it talks about aliens, ancient places, and science. Once the screen was talking about black holes. If this God being made light, how come these black holes can gobble light up? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? And who made black holes?

Another thing, if humans want light, why do they close their eyes when they do that thing called praying. How can you see the light with your eyes closed? And how can someone who is dead see how to go to the light? Do eyes keep working after the rest of the body quits?

I remember one time when the lights went out in my home. My human lit some things called candles. They had these bright wiggly tops that looked like fun to bat around. Then she told me not to get close to them or they would hurt me. Since I trust her, I fought the urge to bat them. If light is good, how can it hurt me?

                    Continued in next column.

After spending a lot of time trying to understand, one day I decided to take things into my own paws and check out the source of a light. I climbed up to where I could reach the top of the lamp hoping to see what was so special about the ball inside that created its light. When I tapped it, it burned my paw! I wasn’t expecting that. How am I supposed to trust something that attacks me. Maybe God didn’t create lamps.

When I am older, I hope I can figure it out. I haven’t learned how to turn the lights on yet, but I don’t see any reason to bother. It can’t be as much fun as opening the cupboards. From what I know, light is dangerous too. Thank goodness I still have lots of lives left on my punch card. In the meantime, I will leave the lights alone and perfect the art of opening drawers.

Rosey Cat
One smart cat that started channeling her views on life in October, 2022. She now has her own column, The World According to Rosey, and is often seen on Facebook and Instagram.


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5. A traditional trait of a Sagittarius person is which?
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6. The Nasca Lines are in which country?
   A. Peru    B. Mexico    C. Egypt    D. England
7. What number is associated with philosophy?
   A. 23    B. 9    C. 3    D. 7
8. Who is the author of Mystical Qabalah?
   A. Hermann Hesse    B. Gay Hendricks
   C. Key Keyes, Jr.          D. Dion Fortune
9. How many cards are there in the Major Arcana?
   A. 20    B. 22    C. 48    D. 9
10. What famous channeler wrote Conversations with
 A. J.Z. Knight     B. Jane Roberts  
   C. Edgar Cayce    D. Neale Donald Walsch