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DECEMBER 22, 2022

what have you added to the world today?

Every day, heroes are around us all the time, yet we rarely hear about them. When we listen to the news and catch the headlines, sometimes it feels like a World gone mad. Have you noticed though, how newspapers sell when they have a negative story to catch our attention? 

Yet, there are thousands of stories we seldom hear about, where people and small groups reach out to help others or be kind, not because they have to, but because they want to. The Spirit Guides want us to know that there are a growing number of people who are waking up to their own true nature of love and kindness and are acting on it. And . . . the more this happens, the more Light overcomes Darkness in the world.

Here are a couple of stories I caught recently. One was about a lady who remembered a few days late, that her savings was in her discarded refrigerator. She went to the junk yard, but they couldn’t find it amid the piles of scrap metal and car parts. But then Mike Downer, who worked there, went the extra mile and found the refrigerator squashed between two cars. He working hard to pull them apart and found the money.

The lady, thinking it was hopeless, hadn’t left her number. After Mike retrieved the money, they alerted the media and found her. The lady, of course, was delighted to have her savings returned and decided to use a bank in the future.

The amazing picture in the next column was taken in Australia. While getting off of the train, a man fell, and his leg was caught between the train and the platform. He was trapped and couldn’t get out. The commuters all came together and actually created sufficient strength to push the train far enough for him to be pulled free. When enough people get together, going the same direction, they can create miracles.

Did you know that we can always find what we are looking for?
If we are looking for problems or ‘What’s wrong with the World.’ Guess what? We can prove it and easily make a huge list of all of the things that are wrong and awful. It’s easy to spot them.

But the opposite is true as well.
If we look for things that delight and inspire us. We’ll find them too. All it takes is a shift of attention. Decide what you want to focus on. You’ll be surprised how things you didn’t even notice before will pop out at you. When is the last time you REALLY noticed a flower, a garden, a scene, a sunrise or sunset on the same old road that you drive all of the time? Take a fresh look, see what you’ve been missing.

When we are in an Attitude of Gratitude for all the things around us, somehow the people seem nicer or what they do doesn’t bother us quite as much as it did before. Laughter is a wonderful, positive boost to the energy around us. Music affects us too. Deliberately, choose what feels good, play with it, and see how you can actually affect the energy.

You’ve heard the old saying, “What goes around, comes round.” Be kind. Be caring. Be happier because what you add to the World, just like a Boomerang, will come back to you. So why not make it a better place?
                                         Wishing you Joy in your Heart and All things Good. Many Blessings, Lori

NOVEMBER 22, 2022


As you know, God has been called by many names. It depends on which religion or belief system you follow. Yet, we are all speaking of the same Higher Power. Many have substituted names like The Universe or The Source. When Star Wars was so popular, some even started using the term, The Force. (They still meant the same thing). Regardless of the terminology, Prayer is still a very powerful call to this Power. When someone we care about is ill or in trouble, it is always good to stop for a few minutes and pray for them, even to ask others to pray for them as well.

Many miracles have happened in this world because of Prayer. I pray for others because, of course, I care for them, but since I really don’t know ‘What’ is really best for them. I usually add the words, ‘Whatever is for their Highest Good’ to take place in their life. Then I call in their Guides and Angels to help them through the ordeal.

Proclaiming ‘Divine Order’ is another powerful Prayer when you don’t know what else to ask for. Taking it out of the human mind into the Divine lifts it exponentially. We don’t know what karma or experiences need to play out, but our caring Prayers still can help them. For yourself … know that it is OK to ask for what you want as long as it hurts no one else. Anyone can pray regardless of their background. 

Calling forth your Guardian Angel, or a Guide, or Jesus, or Buddha, or another Being is like calling and talking to a friend. You can pour out the deepest feelings in your heart to them. There is no one magical set of words to use. Simple words that come from your heart work best. When our thoughts go to Fear, it is always best to take time to change them of Love ….. Starting with Gratitude is an excellent way to begin.

 I often start off with “Thank you God that I have a roof over my head and a place to live. Thank you that I can still walk and get around. Thank you for the food I have in the cupboard.” Then I list little things, like a picture I have on the wall that I like to look at. When we list all the little things, it lifts our vibration and our ability to draw in the bigger things we want in life. Because Universal Law says, ‘Like attracts Like,’ it is much better to list the things you like, rather than to rage and storm around and list all the things you don’t like in this world. This can bring more of those kinds of things that upset you.

 Stand as guardian to your mind, asking it to stay on track and not fall down every rabbit hole that shows up. Let Prayer guide you to where you and your Higher Self want you to be.  Many blessing to each of you, Lori

OCTOBER 25, 2022

Choosing to be happy

Don't be a victim. Refuse to let other people steal your Joy. We all have times when we feel Mad or Angry about something. You just got cut you off in traffic. Someone said something that didn't feel good or something serious happened at work. Sometimes, just listening to the news can make you feel like it is a bad day.

The first thing to do is to remember... These are MY feeling. This is MY brain. I'm in charge of them.

The second thing to do is called - The Art of Asking Questions of your Inner Self. Instead of just steaming about it, take charge of your mind and emotions. Take time to ask yourself, "What do I want to do about it Right Now?" Then ask yourself, "What would I like to do about it later?"

Another question is, "What am I to learn from this situation?" This is a biggy. Ask yourself, "Did I trip up somewhere and create this?" If you did, don't make excuses. Deal with it. Maybe you owe someone an apology and a promise to not let it happen again. You will get answers... in thoughts or words in your head... if not immediately, then go about your day. The answers will filter in later.

Pray - Ask your Angels, Guides and God to help you understand the best thing to do about it. Taking a few minutes to have a clear conversation with your Inner Self can be very helpful. Then, a decision will come easier. If there is nothing more you can do about it right now, then see yourself putting it on the shelf for the moment.

It doesn't have to ruin the rest of a beautiful day. As your mind settles, you will figure out if there is an appropriate action you need to take or if it's best to let it pass. If you choose to let it go, then truly - Let It Go like you do with stinking garbage that gathers in the kitchen. If we have potato peelings, fish bones and left-over salad from dinner, we throw it in the garbage right away. Many of us have not learned how to do this with our thoughts. We can carry this 'Stinkin Thinkin" around for days and weeks. Sadly, some people never let go and it becomes a habit and part of their personality.

If your mind tends to hang on to it and gnaw on it over and over again, I suggest you sit down and write all those feelings down on a piece of paper, tear it up, and throw it in the garbage. Every time it comes to mind again, tell yourself, "I'm done with it. I have already thrown it in the trash."

Remind yourself - It is MY Mind and I am the ONLY one in charge of what it continually thinks. This will give you many more happy hours in your life. then you will have more strength and fortitude to quickly deal with unhappy parts of life. In your mind, send love and light to the situation. Then visualize it the way you want it to be. When many of us do this, we can make many changes for the better.  Much Love and Many Blessings to each of you, Lori


Moving the Train in Australia



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Choosing to be Happy