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Past Quizzes and Puzzles


    January Meta-IQ Challenge

How much do you know about energy healing, divination, quantum physics, ancient civilizations and cultures, leaders and authors of spiritual and holistic books, and all things metaphysical? Test your knowledge by taking our monthly quizzes.
                Answers are in the last column.

1. A square hand is associated with what type of person?
    A. Idealistic B. Practical C. Adventurous D. Sensitive 2. A mouse totem is associated with what trait?
    A. Secrets   B. Community   C. Storage   D. Details
 3. The sea goat is the symbol for what astrological sign?
    A. Capricorn   B. Pisces   C. Cancer   D. Virgo
4. Which author is one of the writers of The Indigo Children?
     A. Gay Hendricks B. Lee Carroll C. Dion Fortune
     D. Hermann Hess
5. What tarot suit represents the element of air?
    A. Swords   B. Wands   C. Cups   D. Coins
6. Who is the Hindu Deity of good fortune?
    A. Tara   B. Shiva   C. Hera   D. Lakshmi
7. What psychic predicted a ‘severe pneumonia-like illness’ would sweep the globe?
    A. J.Z. Knight B. Miss Cleo C. James Van Praagh
    D. Sylvia Brown
8. The Jupiter Mount is a term used in what field?
    A. Astrology  B. Palmistry  C. Ancient civilizations
    D. Animal Totems
9. The healing stone, Dioptase, is what color?
    A. Transparent pink   B. Mottled Purple
    C. Blue-green Golden Yellow
10. The third chakra is located in what area of the body?
    A. Crown   B. Third eye   C. Solar Plexus   D. Throat      

    December Meta-IQ Challenge

1. The I Ching system has how many trigrams in it?
     A. 3        B. 8        C. 12        D. 9
2. In most traditional tarot decks, the fifth card in the major arcana is what?
   A. Hierophant   B. Emperor   C. Strength   D. Hermit
3. Don Miguel Ruiz wrote several books. Which of the following books did he write?
   A. Book of Truth    B. Quantum Leap
   C. Real Magic         D. The Mastery of Love
4. What is the name of the winged messenger in Greek mythology?
   A. Artemis   B. Dionysus   C. Hermes    D. Tara
5. In numerology, the number 5 is often associated with what word?
   A. Change   B. Relationships   C. Earth   D. Create
6. What alternative healing method uses the body’s meridians?
   A. Homeopathy   B. Chelation
   C. Cognitive          D. Acupuncture
7. The Law of Attraction, published in 2006, is the channeled teachings of who?
   A. Jane Roberts     B. Ester Hicks
   C. Wayne Dyer      D. Donald Walsh
8. Which of the following stones is commonly associated with love?
   A. Lapis Lazuli   B. Selenite   
   C. Rhodonite     D. Malachite
9. In the runic glyphs, which one is the symbol for strength?
   A. Uruz   B. Sigel   C. Beorc   D. Wunjo
10. Which author recently wrote an article about ‘beginnings’ for A Lighter View?
   A. O’Malley   B. Gibson   C. Aletha   D. Homestead 

                Tarot Terms

Put your brain to work. Test your Tarot knowledge. Hidden in this word search are 17 terms used in Tarot Readings and Tarot cards.  


 January Meta-IQ Challenge Answers
   1.  B       2.  D       3.  A       4.  B       5.  A
   6.  D      7.  D      8.  B       9.  C      10.  C

 December Meta-IQ Challenge Answers
  1.  B       2.  D       3.  D       4.   C       5.  A
   6.  D      7.  B       8.  C        9.  A      10.  B
  What is your level of knowledge in our scale?
         1-3 Newbie      4-7 Seeker      8-10 Master

- 17 Tarot Terms   
1.  ACE     2.  CELTIC CROSS      3.  COINS
4.  DIVINATION      5.  EMPRESS      6.  FOOL 
7.  JUSTICE       8.  LOVERS     9.  PAGE 
10.  QUEEN      11.  READING      12.  STAR 
13.  STRENGTH      14.  SWORDS      15.  TAROT 
16.  WANDS      17.  WORLD