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Discover Your Psychic Type


Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition
Author:  Sherrie Dillard
Llewellyn Worldwide 2008

Unlike many books on psychic development, Discover Your Psychic Type explores four different types of intuitive psychic abilities. Sherrie Dissard approaches the subject from the perspective that we all have intuition, a psychic ability, but there is a specific area in which we are the strongest. She defines these classifications as the emotional intuitive, the mental intuitive, the spiritual intuitive and the physical intuitive. Dissard’s explanation addresses the problem many people have in believing they are not psychic because they are unable to tap into a specific area of psychic ability.

The book goes into detail about each type of psychic intuitive and what their strong abilities and their challenges are. There is a quiz to help the reader decide which area or two are their strongest personal abilities. According to her, many people do not recognize their talents. Her explanations are supported with stories of people she has worked with and how they felt frustration and disappointment because they lacked

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the ability to demonstrate some of the psychic abilities. Then she shows how they excelled in other areas of which that they were not aware. Dissard’s method honors all types and helps the reader to accept their specific unique combination. Included in the book are exercises and meditations to help each type expand their strong area and also, to help other types become more balanced by expanding their abilities into other areas.

Dissard also address psychic protection, angels and guides, and some of the ego-created situations that can develop. She warns that opening yourself up to all spirits can attract those of lower vibration. Also, she explains how some emotional intuitives take on the pain of others and the harm this can cause them. She offers ways to insure safety when entering into the psychic realms to prevent these situations.

A lot of the book is devoted to Dissard’s philosophy about life and the hereafter. She supports the idea that we are here to move toward a feeling of oneness. She states, “The journey of psychic awareness ultimately leads us to the conscious realization of our oneness with all of life.” This is supported by chapters about moving from one psychic type to a more inclusive place, and on evolving, higher awareness, and moving from psychic to the mystic.

I feel the book has a lot to offer in helping the reader identify their psychic abilities. It did seem to be a bit repetitive at times, but this may better help beginners to identify their own type. The message of this book is that anyone who want to better understand their abilities and/or their lack of certain abilities, needs to first identify their personal intuition. Then, by listening, practicing, and staying open, they will be able to expand their abilities and become more psychic.

                              Review by Cecilia Ray


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