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Articles and Teaching to Renew Your Spirit   -   MARCH 22, 2023

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   What's Up March 22, 2023?

       by Krysta Gibson

Editor’s Note: The following article is a reprint from Krysta Gibson’s Newsletter. We are reprinting it as an informational article for those who may feel energy changes or want to know what Heaven’s Cross is. We support Krysta’s open-minded view and suggestion to do your own research.

Have you heard about Heaven’s Cross? Here’s what I’ve found about it. I suggest you do your own internet search where you can watch some videos and read some articles. See what your intuition says and make your own assessment.

“Heaven’s Cross (or Heavens Cross) occurs when the level of consciousness on the planet reaches a point where the barriers that have separated the physical realms from the non-physical realms begin to open. For humans that are aware and ready, this means easier access to their divinity. It creates a tangible energy flow between the human facet and the soul. The term ‘heavens cross’ means that the heaven (or dimension) of the physical universe begins to intersect and interact with the other realms.”

                    Continued in next column.

People are concerned that this is another situation like the Harmonic Convergence where we will expect a big shift and then it will seem nothing happens. As I understand it, just because some alignment takes place, it does not mean everything will suddenly be unicorns and rainbows. Just as it takes time for us to make changes in our behaviors and habits, so it can take time for planetary situations to change.

I can say, and I think you will agree, there have been some major shifts and changes in our world, especially since 2020. Not all of these changes have been positive ones. I have also taken note of how much higher consciousness has reached the mainstream. I can remember when yoga was considered immoral and now there is a studio on almost every street corner. It used to be people didn’t know what a retreat is and now comments about silent retreats are worked into storylines of major television shows.

I’ve seen the Flower of Life on the wall behind characters in shows, people using alternative spiritual practices and not being shown in a bad light. I do believe that much of what was once considered borderline has seeped into people’s hearts as acceptable and desirable. It is not too far-fetched to think we have reached some kind of threshold point.

The negativity we see only shows how this is coming to the surface to be dealt with. The lying and hypocrisy, the meanness and lack of respect for fellow humans has reached an all-time high and is now ready to be released.

Will something special happen on March 22? If something does happen, will we feel it? Are we being manipulated? I don’t know. I suggest you do your own research, listen to your heart, make your own conclusions, and act accordingly.

Information is available at (CrimsonCircle.com)


Krysta Gibson is a spiritual mentor and life guide, author, and teacher. She is proud of moving to Arizona last year and helping turn the state blue – proof of what love can do. She teaches on-demand classes at Udemy.com. You can learn about her services at krystagibson.com and her books at amazon. Check out her newsletters at https://Krystagibson.substack.com