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Articles and Teaching to Renew Your Spirit   -   FEBRUARY 22, 2023


An Evolutionary Balance

          by Arlene Arnold

An Evolutionary Balance Since the time I finished my training and began my transformational work, I knew that balance was key to a fulfilled and meaningful life. I found balance in complementary colors (across from each other on the color wheel), in Feminine Receptive and Masculine Active Energy, and now in all of this, plus living from both the Inside World and the Outside World.

Why is this so important?
      ● When we are stuck in life, our energy is stuck!
         Balance brings back our natural flow.
      ● When we operate primarily from either the
          masculine energy or the feminine energy, we are
          accessing only part of who we are. All our
          attributes are not available to us.
      ● When we are conscious of only the Inside World
          or only the Outside World, our view of life is
          attached to a limited point of view.

You and I have a choice.

Are you ready to move from a limited way of living to making an evolutionary leap into balance in all aspects of life?

 As I write this, I am heading out the door to be married. My promise to myself and to my betrothed is to live in balance in all areas of my life to the best of my ability. I am blessed by all we have attracted into this new life already and look forward to all we will attract that is ahead of us, through this balanced energy.

                    Continued in next column.

As you make this evolutionary leap, you too will attract so much more than you can imagine. The Universe is waiting for us to choose a wider view and an energy flow that allows us to receive in abundance. With this flow and intention, we become influencers in a world that has lots of possibilities, but also lives in stagnation in many areas.

Your contribution counts! Never minimize what one person or two or more together can bring to the table. And let’s always call on those who stand by ready to help us, whether they are in form or not.

May this be a time of balance for you and may you attract all that the Universe is waiting to bless you with!


Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator. She is the founder of Complementary Color Therapy and Inner Reality Therapy. She offers easy, effective tools to help release what keeps you stuck in old patterns. Then you can move forward as the brilliant light of your inner truth.




   Manifesting Is Like Building
     & Flying a Paper Airplane

  1.  You need to have a design.
     2.  You need to have a destination.
        3.  You need to follow the design correctly.
           4.  Your need to use good materials.
                5.  You need to direct its flight.
                   6.  You need to launch it with force.
                      7.  You need to let go!

                              HAPPY FLYING!