A Lighter View         

A Magazine for the creative, spiritual & holistic community                                  

            Thank you for your interest in submitting your work for consideration. Below are the guidelines and types of submissions we publish. Please contact us if you have any questions.

                                                     SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

     A Lighter View is a monthly online magazine published in the Northwest by Gems of Gaia. Our focus is to present a positive view of life, to elevate and educate our readers, and
     to be a resource for events and services. All submissions should be original, and the submitter holds the author's or artist's rights. If you have previously published the material,
     please include that information. We only accept material that is uplifting, inclusive, non-political, and respects all people.

Articles and interviews on topics such as meditation, healing methods, wisdom and metaphysical teachings, manifestation, relationships, self-development, building
     community, caregiving, wellness, and spiritual development. Please check facts and sources. Include a picture or photo if appropriate. Word count 250-1000.

  Photography and art that inspires, touches the heart, or shows the beauty of our world. Please include a short title or location information with your name. Limit of 3
     pictures per month.

True personal memoirs and fiction with uplifting messages. Memoirs need to be your own experience, or you have permission to share the story of others.
     Fiction needs to be the work of the person submitting. Word count 250-1000.

  Same topics as articles. Limit to 24 lines.

  Short helpful hints to make life easier or improved. These can be fun things to do with family or friends, short-cuts on daily tasks, ah-hah insights,
     an original recipe, or a favorite place to go. Word count 25-100.

  We are not accepting videos at this time. We hope to add them in the future.

  Send text as a WORD document (.doc or .docx). Pictures need to be in .gif or .jpeg form. Material may be edited or shortened by our staff. If we make any major
     changes, we will notify you prior to publication. For articles, please include a bio or approximately 20-40 words. You may send a picture of yourself as well. We will always print
     your name with your material, but personal information may or may not be printed.
          Include: Your name, address, phone number, and email address with all submissions.

  At this time, we are only paying for articles we request. All other printed submissions will receive advertising credit.
          Articles & short stories     Small Display Ad with link to website or email, I month resource listing
          Poetry, art, and tips          Credit toward advertising ($20), 1 month resource listing

                                                        Please email or call Cecilia at 425-239-0565 if you have any questions about submissions. We are looking forward to working with you.