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December 22, 2022


Journeying, life, consciousness, and dreams are like a river that flows ever onward downstream through time. Perhaps, the river could continue forever without stopping to think about why. Why do obstacles come? Why this experience? Why this dream? Maybe, none of it matters. Possibly, it is just being in the flow and in accepting all that is or is not, that may be the point of the journey.

My life has been a Journey and I can't say any one thing or person got me started in my path toward creating and selling my art, except, perhaps, reaching “nothing” in the meaning that I made of this world and in realizing that I can fill that space with virtually anything. When I realized this, I signed up for visual communication college classes, alongside my daughter.

I have always loved photography. I remember watching my grandfather's slideshows of places he went to. I dreamt of being a National Geographic photographer or Julie on the Love Boat. Instead of college after high school, I had two children. My oldest is blind and mentally delayed. I had many jobs over the years, and I have volunteered and networked. When I managed events on boats, I was "Julie on the Love Boat." When I traveled with camera in hand, I was a "National Geographic photographer."

 My spiritual journey has influenced me as well. I grew up in a very religious home. I was born in the jungle of Papua New Guinea, the child of missionaries. It was there that I had my first "near death" experience from catching meningitis. I have had two. The second showed me that I was meant to be here. As an adult, I reached "nothing" in my personal growth training. I realized how much my meaning of the world was based on my upbringing. Then I let it all go, and I started from scratch. What I know – what I have always known - is that I really love God, Source, the great Creator, the Universe, the Oneness or whatever imagined this great wonderful experience of life that I am living. My heart fills with pure joy every time I ponder the vastness of the stars above. I delight in the way the sunlight filters through the trees. I am amazed at how many variations of beetles there are. I get goosebumps when I listen to good music.

At 40 years old, I still had to take my college basics. For my science credit, I signed up for an astronomy class. I soaked it in. That rainy October I stayed in my camper for 19 days until my food ran out, hibernating and listening to videos on astrophysics. I wanted to know what dark matter was. In my art classes I learned about the Golden Ratio. In photography, I learned about the visual sweet spots. I decided that Disney's Donald Duck math cartoon held some of the secrets of the universe, and that somehow Phi is the key to everything. Hence, my art Logo, "Phi See You."

In my exploration of my art and my spirituality, I met Shamanweaver Sheila Baker. She teaches people how to Journey. On a spiritual level, my gift has always been in dreaming dreams and in the interpretation of them. As a child, I often had vivid dreams. Growing up in a religious home, I enjoyed the biblical story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. Joseph was known for his ability to interpret dreams. I also loved the poetry that flowed through David in the Psalms. So, I embraced my dreams through writing poetry about it. Through Sheila, I learned how to access my guides, guardian angel or my higher self - on purpose and at will. I don't have to wait for a vivid dream for a message to come through. I can use a drum beat or shamanic music to reach that state of mind.

While filling my empty place from "nothing" spiritually, I embraced a lesson from Sheila: "No two people can ever have the same religion, because we each have our own mind and our own experience within this world." So, I have largely embraced the Law of One, A course in Miracles, the Quadrivium, Sacred Geometry, Human Design and my constant urge to pick up a rock, crystal or a feather. Yes, I learned about the rainbow and energy work through Puma. I built my vision board out of rock play, and let me tell you, it is always important when manifesting to include "harm no one" in your manifestation. Lesson learned. Also, I see rainbows and light everywhere through my camera. I drive a Subaru because, well, it has the Pleiades constellation on the logo.

With all this in mind, my art has evolved from taking photos of all my beautiful experiences in this world to creative play with the photos. I experimented with saturation. From there, it went to embracing colors and texture that I could put onto clothing and design. After, I was inspired by vibrations and frequencies. I put a 3-6-9 code into everything I did. It didn't matter if anyone liked it or not. If Andy Warhol could just keep creating, so could I. More recently, I have found that with intention and good Shamanic music in the background, there can be a meaning behind the art. There can be a shamanic message from whatever guide decides to show up. So, here I am. I am gradually building an oracle deck as I journey and as the art decides to show up.


The featured photo, "Fertility" has frogs in the positive space and women in the negative space. Fertility doesn't necessarily mean giving birth. It means fertility in finances, in creation, in whatever it is that one would like to grow in their life. It represents fertile ground.

Trina Sellers of MammaTrain